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    Putian city tendril bell environmental protection products co., LTD

    --Putian city tendril bell environmental protection products co., LTD--

    Putian city tendril environmental protection products co., LTD., established in bell2009Years,The beginning of establishment of the company is firmly established“By word of mouth to win praise In order to quality tree brand”The management idea as well“Pure and fresh and healthy home life”Product guidelines,Tireless commitment to research and development for many years、Production、Sales of natural BuBu tree wall clothing products。Once the product is listed for its excellent performance,Excellent quality and after-sale service to conquer the vast consumers,For an outfit、Office space and places of entertainment such as the customer provides unprecedented decoration experience。Development up to now,The footprint of the BuBu tree wall cloth around the great river north and south,Has been all over the country provinces and cities... ...

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